Obligatory for Indonesian women virginity test carried out with two fingers

Women who want to get into the Indonesian police must undergo a “virginity test” carried out with two fingers. What is humiliating and painful. This test is publicly announced as one of the requirements for joining the police, and it is conducted as part of the health testing of candidates and is formally called the “gynecological and obstetrical” study.

Simultaneously, women have the right to enter into any relationship with men only after they have worked for several years in the police. The website of the Indonesian police insists that all women entering the police service are required to take a test for virginity “because all women who want to become policemen must be innocent”.

Interestingly, this practice is contrary to the formal principles of the Indonesian police, as well as the international decree on human rights, according to Human Rights Watch (HRW).

And although some women who “failed” the test still fall into the police, all those who have completed the study note that it is not only very painful and humiliating, but also widespread.

“It was very difficult to enter this room,” says one of the women. “I was afraid that during this test I would be stripped of virginity. They inject two fingers, blurred … Very painful. One of my friends even fainted. ” Read also: Typical Indonesian family

Obligatory for Indonesian women virginity test carried out with two fingers

Despite the fact that this test is constantly receiving complaints, the Indonesian police command does not seek to abolish it on the contrary to its promises to abandon this research in 2010 and still conducts it the same way as ten years ago. One of the retired law-attendants stated that they had passed the test in 1965.

The Indonesian police spokesman Maj Gen Ronny Sompie said that there is no reason to “react negatively” to these demands, because the exam is only to check whether the recruits of STDs are not ill. “Everything is done by professionals and does not harm the incoming in any way,” he summed up.

However, local organizations for the protection of human rights protest. In their opinion, the “two-fingered” test should be canceled. “No one helps these women cope with the stress and consequences of the test,” says Jefrey Heryiani of the West Sumatran Department of the Society for the Protection of Women’s Rights Nurani Perempuan. He warns that this research very much influences the mentality of recruits. “Many of them begin to blame themselves for everything that has happened.” Read also: Tourists filmed a public flogging of a woman in Indonesia

Although sex before marriage in Indonesia is common, female virginity is widely extolled. When in high schools in the southern part of Sumatra they wanted to introduce lessons of sexual education, the initiative was publicly mocked by the authorities.

Source: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/nov/18/female-indonesian-police-recruits-forced-virginity-test

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